Relationships are Everything.

AI-Powered Prospecting for Financial Services Professionals.

It’s time to transform your prospecting strategy with the power of AI. Thousands of financial services pros use Aidentified to find, qualify, and close more leads. Stop the cold call spray-and-pray, and start monetizing the network you never knew you had.

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Thousands of financial services professionals trust Aidentified.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s Find Your People

Who’s your ideal customer? Aidentified lets you build lists in minutes using over 200 attributes. Want to meet director-level people who have over $2mm in investable assets, live in your state, and went to your university? We’ve got you. With verifiable emails and mobile numbers? Yep. Industry? Previous companies? Real estate ownership? Yes, yes, and yes. We can even show you which of them are into live theater or bird watching. Yes, seriously.

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Let’s Get Connected

Now you know exactly who you want to connect with, so let’s get you connected. Aidentified shows you your warmest relationship path to each of your ideal prospects. You’ll see who in your network can introduce you to your prospect, as well as how they know each other. Did they work at the same company? In the same group? Sit on the same board? Heck, are they neighbors? We’ll show you all this and more. It’s simple: Warm introductions beat cold calls every time.

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Let’s Get Referrals

Speaking of warm introductions, here’s how Aidentified delivers referrals at scale. First, search for one of your best clients on the platform to see all of their AI-mapped connections. Narrow that list down to just the people who line up with your ideal prospect profile. Then ask your client if they mind if you drop their name when you reach out. Aidentified gives you all the contact info you need. 

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Let’s Nail the Timing

Aidentified sends you daily alerts about your prospects and connections. Which makes it simple to nurture your current relationships and to reach out to warm leads at the exact right time. Did your client or new favorite prospect just land another $5mm in funding? Time to pick up the phone. Alerts include money in motion events (stock sales, funding rounds closed, home sales) as well as news mentions, job and role changes, and more. Because when it comes to prospecting, the “when” is just as important as the “who.” 

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Transform Your
Prospecting Strategy. Transform your Practice.

Meet Sidecar

Take our rich data anywhere you go on the web with Aidentified Sidecar™. Let's say you want to meet people at Company X. Simply go to their site and open our Sidecar Chrome plugin. It’ll show you a brief overview of the company, plus your warmest relationship paths into the organization. Want to make a connection? Instead of scouring LinkedIn and sending ineffective InMails, you can see all of your prospects’ professional and personal contact info—including verifiable email addresses and even mobile numbers.

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Bring the power of Aidentified anywhere you go on the web. Aidentified Sidecar shows you your warmest relationship path into any company. It even gives you verifiable email addresses and mobile numbers for anyone who works there. 

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Our core offering. Includes Sidecar plus our full platform:

  • Quickly build lists of your ideal customers.
  • See your warmest introduction path to them all.  
  • Get referrals at scale from your best clients.
  • Receive daily wealth trigger alerts to connect with prospects at the right time and build your current relationships.
  • Includes 5,000 credits, used to export records from Aidentified.
per user per month
billed annually


For power users with large scale data activation needs. Includes Sidecar, our full platform, plus 40,000 export credits (a $12,000 value).

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Aidentified reduced my prospecting and research time by 75% each week and it’s led to more meaningful prospect connections and conversations.
Ric Lager, Lager & Co.
This is the best prospecting tool I’ve seen in my 30 years. Aidentified notified me of a client's $100M investment and now we’re opening up more business. This is such valuable intel.
Curtis Estes, Northwestern Mutual
We're always looking for ways to connect with our guests. Aidentified notifies us of ideal prospects that may be looking for an unforgettable getaway.
Jacqueline Nelson, Four Seasons
Aidentified may be prospecting's holy grail.
Davis Janowski,
I built a $1 billion portfolio using Aidentified's platform. It would not have happened without them.
Brian Hodges, Aurum Capital
There's no other platform out there that matches Aidentified's ability to precisely target our audience.
Bailey Preusse, Allred Properties

We Do What They Can’t

There are a lot of prospecting apps, and some of them are pretty good. But only Aidentified is built with the financial services professional in mind.

Complete Professional & Personal Info

Income & Wealth

Verified Contact Info

Relationship Mapping

Money in Motion Triggers

Professional & Household Enrichment

Over 200 Prospecting Filters




LinkedIn Sales Navigator





6th Sense

Professional &
Personal Info

& Wealth

Contact Info


Money in Motion Triggers

Professional & Household Enrichment

Home Address

Over 200
Prospecting Filters

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Data Enrichment

Better data leads to better decisions. Relevant communications drive better results. And the more you know about your clients, the better you can serve them.

If you provide us with a first name, last name, and an email address, we’ll deliver a truly 360° view of your contacts, including over 200 professional and consumer attributes. Each profile contains Verifiable Contact Info, Age, Real Estate Holdings, Inferred Income and Wealth, Career Information, Education, Household Information, even Hobbies and Interests. Best of all, we enrich your data for as little as 1 cent per record, depending on volume.

Contact our data enrichment sales team.

Full Name




Marital Status

Personal Email

Professional Email

Mobile Phone

Estimated Home Value


Current Company

Career History

Current Company Title

Inferred Income

Wealth Segment


Zip+4 Tax data

And More

Find more, better prospects.

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