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A solution to every sales professional’s challenge

Aidentified’s platform was dreamed up by a small group of seasoned sales veterans tired of the same challenges that have plagued companies for years, prospecting with low quality data and relying on cold outreach.

So, we decided to create a solution that would not only offer more accurate, in depth prospect data but would combine and map a user’s personal and professional networks to leverage warm referrals.

More Robust Data

There are hundreds of sales solutions out there, but most of them only aggregate professional data. Aidentified combines professional data with detailed consumer and household insights to create more robust prospect profiles. In fact, you can hyper-target your ideal audience with over 150+ data attributes within our database of over 210M+ profiles.

Real-Time Opportunities

Prospect and client data is ever evolving. Aidentified helps you stay up-to-date by tracking and providing trigger alerts whenever a prospect or client experiences a management change, is featured in the news, or has a wealth event such as an IPO, stock sale, funding round, or m&a. With this data, you can reach out and engage with the right information at the right time.

Relationship Intelligence

Having access to over 210M+ profiles is only half of the battle. Aidentified takes it a step further by mapping your personal and professional networks to our database surfacing new connections and opportunities for leveraging warm referrals.

We Use Aidentified to Grow Aidentified, Every Day

The Aidentified team personifies the concept of relationship intelligence. Our entire organization is a living, breathing example of the power of leveraging relationships, connections, and referrals to build a company. We use our own platform every day to grow our business. In the last year alone, we grew revenue by 700% and saw a 400% growth in our client base. 

Imagine what your team could accomplish with the power of Aidentified.

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