Through M2, sales teams are able to identify executives benefiting from wealth events on a daily basis. Last year, Aidentified tracked over $1T worth of events.
When sales teams import LinkedIn connections, Aidentified enriches these profiles with valuable consumer and professional attributes including inferred income, home address, household members and more. Identify valuable prospects within your network and across your team’s combined networks.
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Use Prospect Finder to run scenarios such as:

  • Identify people who have an income > $1mil in my area
  • Build a prospect list based on current client attributes such as inferred income, household members and city

Relationship Mapping

Aidentified’s Relationship Mapping identifies the strongest path to your prospects. Import your client contacts and benefit by discovering prospects through their networks. A referral is the fastest way to a new opportunity!
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If growing your client base is a priority for you today, Aidentified is the platform for you and your team.