From the Founders

A message from Tom and Darr Aley, Co-founders of Aidentified


Hello, and thank you.

We know time is a scarce resource. It’s part of why we started Aidentified–to save so much of the wasted time it currently takes to find new customers. Aidentified is a data and relationship intelligence business. Since 2005, we’ve been fortunate to have had two successful exits in this space.  We founded and grew Generate, which was acquired by Dow Jones in 2009. Then, we helped grow Netprospex, which was acquired by D&B in 2016.  Before we set out on our own, Tom was on the venture side with Softbank and Reed Elsevier and Darr worked directly with Elon Musk in Business Development, and with Jeff Bezos in Corporate Development and M&A at Amazon.

We built the tool we wanted ourselves–to help us grow our “Connection-Driven Conversions”

With the benefit and learnings (oh, man did we learn!) from our data-driven adventures, we set out 3 years ago to build a relationship intelligence platform that takes real-time financial, corporate, and life “trigger” events and, using AI, surfaces connections and delivers them to specific sales teams and individuals (showing 1st and 2nd degree connections).  It’s a next generation relationship intelligence tool that combines your business AND consumer connections to help you achieve your goals.

Here’s what we mean:

  • How a company and their team are connected to you
    How you and your team connect to other companies and their respective teams (Corporate Relationship Blueprints)
  • Where a company’s former team members are now
    Where a target company’s alumni network works and your connection matrix
  • Relationship Mapping
    Connections to team members each company’s competitors have in other companies, and how your employees connect to them as well
  • Real-time Individual and Corporate Monitoring
    How real-time financial triggers ($2.5 trillion in the past 12 months) within companies (M&A, IPO, Stock trades, Management Changes) impact wealth for individuals within those companies and how you might be connected


We built Aidentified with a team of extremely talented, experienced people (yet another learning)

The leadership team members have been corporate and technology executives in public and private companies and institutions including Amazon, Merrill Lynch, Oppenheimer Funds, Oracle, Dow Jones, Harvard University, E&Y, State Street Bank, ThomsonReuters, and Reed Elsevier/LexisNexis.

Over the last three years, our data and technology teams have leveraged advances in AI, machine learning and algorithm design that made it possible to blend two multi-billion dollar information segments – Consumer/Household Data and Business to Business Data. Aidentified was the first to create this merged data “superset” which was technically unfeasible until now.

The result is Aidentified’s Relationship Intelligence Platform which combines an individual’s consumer and professional attributes into a unified single / household profile that exponentially enriches understanding of propensity and intents, behavioral analytics, wealth events, purchase insights, life stage dynamics, and more.

This breadth of insight enables us to connect our customers to prospects via intelligent relationship mapping better than anything out there.

So far we’ve mapped over 100 billion relationships–and some of them are yours.

We welcome you to take a look around and discover how Aidentified can help you discover prospects, build your network and grow your bottom line.

Hope to see you soon!

Tom & Darr